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Address to our international leadership. By Sasha Stone

In a speech from a few years back, Sasha Stone was addressing the international leadership or lack there off. He spoke a lot of hard truth that resonates with us hear at Headless Nation.

“I want to address something to our international leadership, and by leadership I mean those factions, those sectors, those controlling interests that drive each of us actually whether we know it or not.

Explicitly one could speak in terms of the Presidents and Prime Minister's and Pope's of history and of today. I don't believe that that's necessarily leadership. I'm going to address this to what we all regard as leadership those elites the drive the hologram, that drive our reality matrix and I want to do so in a state of heart and a state of mind.

To our international leadership.

A glance at the international headlines anywhere on spaceship earth and we are confronted with lies lies and more lies and they are spat out by a global media machine which elevates fear and control. To the status of salvation we are informed by a mutant global media machine, the terrorism lurks in every corner. That we should not talk to strangers, that the world's food supply is flat lining, that water is running out. That exotic new viruses are emerging to kill us, that our fragile planet is vastly overpopulated, that our resources are vaporizing, that we are in freefall.

We must surrender our arms, we must submit to vaccination programs, to your microchip programs. We learn about seed vaults, multi-billion dollar underground military bases and we witness the continued hijacking of developing nations and their assets, their resources.

The continued suppression of real quantum solutions of which could make all the difference, and could have made the difference a hundred years ago… And yet the common human heart is telling us something quite quite different. It is awakening and in that awakening it's beginning to speak a different narrative altogether and it's offering us a different code of wisdom. It is a wisdom which invites us into silence and in that silence to reflect upon a single word and that word is TRUTH! Truth about 9/11 and 7/7, truth about the secret rouge factions within our military, about world war one, world war two, the truth about Vietnam, Cambodia and Afghanistan. About the world drug trade, truth about communism and democracy. About Palestine and Israel, about the esoteric ritualism that underpins Whitehall and Washington, truth about the real number of missing children in our world.

The truth about Little Bighorn, Pearl Harbor, Waco, Oklahoma City, Pine Ridge, Columbine, the Gulf oil spill.

Truth about the real space program and the origin and nature of the moon. About the murderous nature of all modern vaccination programs, the truth about hiv-aids. About the 1939 cancer act, about the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and every other central bank on the planet.

The truth about you and me, and where we stand on this precipice. The indigenous flame keepers motion us toward a place of truth within ourselves, and they invite us to embrace a deeper set of values and to tune in to a more resonant song. This song enters the heart and it teaches a universal truth that there is no separation… there never was. There was only an idea of separation, which through the laws of fractality birthed another idea of separation, and this idea was never truly ours. It never belonged, and through this journey of awakening we begin to see that this world is abundant, its prosperous and it overflows with beauty and creative expression.

We learn that we can cure all diseases without money, without profit, without men in white coats and manufactured toxins. We learn that we can clean our air, our water, and our soil by a few simple measures. That we can positively affect climate with invocations, geomancy and the conscious application of the sacred.

You, our international leadership are free to join us in the Galactic celebration, as we hurtle toward the real genesis of humankind, as we enter the slipstream of our eternal birthright, our multidimensionality, our DNA upgrade.

Join us, as we remove our dark glasses and sunscreen lotions as we look to the skies and salute the majestic solar flares that are not our great enemy but rather offer us redemption within the principle of love eternal.

Join us as we kick off our shoes, those rubber soles which ensure a disconnect between us and a conscious earth and instead permit our feet to remember the sweet grass the sand and the mud of our own physicality as we rip up the asphalt the mutant infrastructures the steel and concrete prisons of our so-called civilization and honor instead the trees the breathing soil and the healing radiance of Inner Earth.

Join us as we evolve into being the only species in the universe that are not required to pay to be on the planet we are born. Join us as we now take a long hard look at those birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, identity cards passports and see where they fit perfectly into a Babylonian business plan. A business plan which defines us by literally trading our lives on the floor of stock exchanges.

Join us as we pull the drips from our arms and kick away the crutches, spit out the sodium fluoride and the poisons fed to our Air, our water and our food supply.

Join us as we reject the needles the probes, the drones the x-rays from violating the sacred groves of our beautiful bodies. As we transcend the false reality constructs of fear, protectionism, defensiveness, manipulation, control and despair.

Listen closely to the chorus of the awakening human heart as we command a decommissioning of the mad, bad trillion-dollar war machine. And where we demand that you exchange it instead for a blessed chance at prosperity and abundance and a bright new world. Exploding not with atomic clouds but with human creative potential so as we cup our hands over the flickering flames of remembrance. Of who we truly are, and gently blow that fragile flame into a roaring Inferno of renewal of upliftment of enchantment within ourselves and with ourselves. With one another, with our earth and with our true divinity.

Join us as we cross the great event horizon which looms in front of us now in the closing of these ancient cycles. As we remember ourselves within this dream and in so doing receive the true gift of life. The true Holy Grail, the most precious golden key of them all which is the gift of unbearable love toward ourselves and toward one another.

Join us in this place, in the true zero-point within the human heart where you will find only love.

Thank you – Sasha Stone

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