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Pureheart Alchemy Mysts are Shamanic Perfumes, combining the French passion for aroma and beauty with the Indigenous wisdom of using Sacred Plants for healing. These Mysts are designed for transformation, through the healing power of plants. 

Spray them around your personal field and environment to:
~ Shift your energetic state 'in a second'
~ Cleanse and clear your Auric field
~ Refresh and beautify your body
~ Inspire and uplift your mind
~ Raise your frequency

AKASHIC- Grounding - Headless Nation
This Myst is a powerful grounding blend, stimulating the dream state to uncover and identify records held in your Soul’s records. Encapsulating... Full details

AKASHIC- Grounding

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LUMURIAN-Alignment - Headless Nation
Lemurian represents our alignment to the great fertile waters of Mother Gaia. Engaging ourselves with Earth rhythms, entering our own magnetic current in union... Full details


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MYSTIC- Inspirtation - Headless Nation
Mystic holds 'Inspiration' to invite mystery in with Fiery enthusiasm. Releases us from habitual repetition and patterns, clearing the mind of lower-vibration agendas... Full details

MYSTIC- Inspirtation

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ORACLE- Communication - Headless Nation
Oracle reveals a communion with the heritage and wisdom of the silent, Tree-Being voices, allowing their significance as planetary caretakers to soothe... Full details

ORACLE- Communication

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SOLAR GOLD- Empowerment - Headless Nation
Breathing in the colour of the Awakening Sun, Solar Gold is sunshine in a bottle, gifting us with the warmth and energy of... Full details

SOLAR GOLD- Empowerment

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LYRICAL HEART- Freedom - Headless Nation
'Freedom' to sing the poetic heart of our unique song in all it's range, Lyrical Heart encourages you to dance your dance openly, in total... Full details


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SACRED SAGE- Wisdom - Headless Nation
Sacred Sage encourages you to live as your own Oracle - balancing your Ceremonial warrior with your soul-seeking Seer. Sacred Sage clears emotional... Full details


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MERMAID BREAST OIL - Headless Nation
MERMAID BREAST OIL - Headless Nation
Mermaid Breast Oil is a beautiful & nourishing oil for beautiful healthy Breasts. Specifically chosen for their healing properties, these 100% Organic Plant oils, have been... Full details


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Medicina de Flores - Headless Nation
Medicina de Flores - Headless Nation
Medicina de flores is a hand-crafted blend of Essential Oils, Tinctures and Essences designed to clear your field from negative energies. It serves as an 'emotional... Full details

Medicina de Flores

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