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CHAKRA ENERGY Necklace or Wrap Bracelet

CHAKRA ENERGY Necklace or Wrap Bracelet - Headless Nation

CHAKRA ENERGY Necklace or Wrap Bracelet

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All our necklaces can be doubled as wrap around bracelets, use beautiful and quality natural stones and are of course, hand made by us.


Red Jasper, Adventurine, Honey Jasper, Jade, Amazonite, Amethyst, Howlite, Lava Stone, Onyx.

 This “Chakra Energy” design is all about assisting one in aligning and balancing the energy of their Chakras. Each stone has been specifically selected because of the properties and connection it has to each Chakra.

ONYX: Grounding, eliminates negative energies.
RED JASPER: Grounding, Encourages you to find your strength by grounding.
ADVENTURINE: Stabilises state of mind, while encouraging that adventurist side!
HONEY JASPER: Channels Positive Energy, Happiness, and Joy.
JADE: Love, Friendship.
AMAZONITE: Soothes the Soul, Calms the Spirit. Promotes healing through encouraging speaking unsaid truths.
AMETHYST: Opens Third Eye, connects to 4thDimension.
HOWLITE: Calming, encourages relaxation and assists in achieving a state of Tranquillity needed for spiritual progression.
LAVA STONE: Grounding, Re-birth, New Beginnings. 

SHORT: 82cm

LONG: 99cm


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