YOU ARE MORE II~ PRINT - Headless Nation


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This piece was inspired by the continued question from my clients..."so what actually is a mandala?" 

This artwork is your answer. 

If everything in this universe breaks down into a Mandala, so do we. Right at the centre, the eye, which many say is the window to the soul. You have each human body part broken down in this mandala...lips, ears, legs, feet, hands. The hands are very special as they are positioned in a certain way that using sign language they spell out something that you will have to work out. 

The blue pattern towards the outside is symbolic of the fact that we are 70% is the earth. Around the outside are a series of symbols, but ill allow the purchase' to work them out. As for the pyramids, someone once told me "your body should be your temple..." and it is something that has stuck with me. 

It would not have been complete with out the single circle encompassing the entire piece, symbolic of the unity we should strive for with in ourselves, world and universe.