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Article: Our Best Sellers

Our Best Sellers

Our Best Sellers

Sooo... our jewellery collections have defiantly expanded lately! We have stunning new stones, we now have 3 metal choices, and that has lead us to a massive 180+ designs! 

Today, we wanted to share our absolute best sellers with you. Whether you are looking for you or a loved one, we think its always nice to know what other people are shopping!

Best Seller #1

Amazonite...ANYTHING Amazonite!

This stone has been our very most loved since the start of our jewellery journey...and it's really not hard to see why. With beautiful sky and aqua blues, this crystal also comes in beige and white, making the pieces we craft full of different tones and colours. The meaning behind this stone is maybe the most beautiful of all crystals in our opinion too...

"Calms the Soul. Soothes the Spirit. Known as the Female Warrior Woman Stone".

Best Seller #2


Jade is the stone of health & wealth, and its believed that all the universal good flows towards the wearer of Jade. It is also known as the "Friendship Stone", making it the perfect choice when searching for a gift. 

Best Seller #3

Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade holds all the meaning and properties as Jade... but add in a whole lot of happiness, sunshine + JOY! Yellow Jade has earned the nicknamed "The Happiness Stone" and just holding this stone in your hand makes you see why. Said to hold a strong solar energy, this stone is a beautiful one to lift the spirits and brighten your energy.

Best Seller #4


Sunstone holds a very similar energy to Yellow Jade. It too is said to bring joy and happiness to the wearer. It is also a beautiful stone to help protect a gentle spirit from this sometimes heavy world.

Best Seller #5

Tigers Eye

This ones reason is very cool. Tigers Eye was used by Roman soldiers, they would incorporate it onto their helmets and wear it into battle for courage and strength. It has always amazed us that so many men of all ages come into our shop and go straight for the Tigers Eye pieces. Past lives perhaps? Whatever the reason, there is a very clear deep sense of connection to this stone for many boys & men.


Best Seller #6

Rose Quartz

Last oh certainly not least is Rose Quartz. Although this stone is quite common, its pull and allure is undeniable. Rose Quartz is the stone of Love, and more specifically Self-Love...and couldn't we all use a little more of that?


So there you have it! Our very VERY most loved stones. We hope you enjoyed this little read. If you would like to know more about any of these stones head to our "Crystal Guide" tab for more info or reach out to us via email, we are always happy to chat anything crystals :)



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