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Moments Of Mindfulness & Meditation

Through Jewellery

Our jewellery is here to bring you a daily moment of mindfulness & meditation. Each stone holds its own energy, symbolism & properties. As you slip it on, let it gift you a moment to honour its specific meaning and carry this with you through out your day.

Handcrafted with intention, care, and a whole lot of love, every piece of jewellery is taken from concept to a finished treasure right here in Australia.

Made By Mumma Earth

Our crystals are all natural gemstones, grown by Mother Earth, each one holding its own unique world of magic.

Every crystal bead is slightly different, meaning no two pieces can ever be exactly the same.

Sent With Love & Care


Every piece of jewellery is carefully packed from our studio and arrives in a gift box.

Our jewellery leaves our space of creation with joy and happiness soaked into it, and the intention to bring you exactly what you need.

Crystal Cards

Our jewellery arrives with its own individual crystal card sharing information about the gemstone chosen.


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Crystals That Connect You To The Sea

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Our Best Sellers

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