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So who is headless Nation?

We are Headless Nation and Mike Pedro, co-founders and creators of Headless Nation. We both walked away from our jobs nearly two years ago to work solely for ourselves and are attempting to escape the “rat race”. Now, we spend our time in the ebbs and flows of the creating challenges and triumphs. We are always doing something! We are constantly creating and getting lost in our worlds of art and creation, plucking new ideas from the ether and trying our best to turn them into a reality- whether that’s an artwork, t-shirt idea, new product idea to bring in…or an entirely new concept. We are working hard to break the constraints of society, and live our lives outside reality matrix...

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Address to our international leadership. By Sasha Stone

In a speech from a few years back, Sasha Stone was addressing the international leadership or lack there off. He spoke a lot of hard truth that resonates with us hear at Headless Nation. “I want to address something to our international leadership, and by leadership I mean those factions, those sectors, those controlling interests that drive each of us actually whether we know it or not. Explicitly one could speak in terms of the Presidents and Prime Minister's and Pope's of history and of today. I don't believe that that's necessarily leadership. I'm going to address this to what we all regard as leadership those elites the drive the hologram, that drive our reality matrix and I want to...

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