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Hello dear reader,

We wanted to say a big hello through this little screen, and also say WELCOME TO SPRING!!!!! Spring is a time for fresh starts, rebirth, and welcoming in the new. In a big or small way, you can indeed begin again as we emerge from the harsh winter days into the warm embrace of the sun.

What do you do to welcome in spring? Here are a few little things we thought we’d share that may bring a refreshing energy into your life right now.


  1. Stop and Smell the Flowers.  Yes we know.. a VERY typical thing to say! But….when you walk out the door in the morning, take a moment, just one deep breath in, and soak up that smell of the world opening up around you.

  2. Look around outside and see if something tiny has changed.
    Has something in your front garden popped overnight? Maybe a bush on your way into work has started blooming and you’re yet to notice it? Trying to notice a little change in the nature around you is a beautiful way of recognising that spring has indeed arrived and brighter, longer, warmer days are coming. The darkness of winter is indeed fading away.

  3. Give your bedroom a spring clean! Maybe you don’t quite feel up to sorting the wholeeeee house, so start with one room! Giving your bedroom a deep clean may make you even sleep better! 

  4. Move a piece of furniture. A couch, the position of your bed… even just moving your coffee machine or kettle into a different corner of the kitchen may make you feel a little different! Welcome in the new season with a little change :)



We couldn’t write a blog post and not talk a LITTLE bit about crystals!!! It just doesn’t feel right! So below are our favourite spring time crystals that make you feel like the sun is well and truly on its way and brighter days are here.

The stone of sunshine, happiness & joy. A truly brightening crystal that imparts warmth an cheer.

Said to impart solar energy to the wearer. It’s believed to carry all the healing energy of the sun and is sure to brighten your mood and vibe.

Nicknamed the “Sunset Stone” by the Egyptians, they believed this stone captured the energy of the sun just before it set and held its warmth all night long. This stone is also about helping you make changes and positive life choices, so if you’re looking to mix up things a little with the change of season then this stone is a beautiful one to help.


What have we done to welcome in spring here at Headless Nation?

Well, when we walk out the door we can’t help but notice the intense scents of the flowers opening up around us. As we walk to the car we soak up all of natures deliciousness that’s in our front garden. We are also working on refreshing our website a little to welcome in some change with the new season… plus we have added a few new stones to our crystal beaded bracelet collections which is always exciting and refreshing!


So, welcome to warmer, brighter days, and we hope you take a little moment to welcome in Spring however YOU want to :)



Headless Nation xo

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