About us


Hello dear Headless Clan! 
We are Headlessjess and Mike Pedro, co-founders and creators of Headless Nation.
We both walked away from our jobs nearly two years ago to work solely for ourselves and are attempting to escape the “rat race”. Now, we spend our time in the ebbs and flows of the creating challenges and triumphs. We are always doing something! We are constantly creating and getting lost in our worlds of art and creation, plucking new ideas from the ether and trying our best to turn them into a reality- whether that’s an artwork, t-shirt idea, new product idea to bring in…or an entirely new concept.
We are working hard to break the constraints of society, and live our lives outside reality matrix we have been sold. I guess that means more in accordance with natural universal law, and more inline with how we want to live.
For the past 2 years, we have been slowly discovering what we actually want for our brand, Headless Nation. What we really want to bring into this world…. What we here to do…You wanna hear?…
We want to bring a brand into the world that actually stands for something and has a message. A brand that unites like-minded people, who too, are frustrated with the reality of our world…frustrated with the fact that fear, control and pain is “normal” in our society. The people frustrated with the feeling of big powers controlling us like puppets, angry that we have all been sold a lie and when you wake up and realise it… YOU ARE THE CRAZY ONE!
Along with constantly creating, and spending as much time in nature as possible we are on a mission to find out the truth of what the fuck is actually going on, on this planet.
We want the truth! The lifting of the veil is upon us.
We want our work that is our art and products to unite these souls! The souls that resonate with these words and ideas from Sasha and our own. Whether this uniting is done by someone seeing your heavy statement Tee as you’re walking down the street and not feeling like they are the only one that knows, or getting lost in the cosmic worlds of Mike Pedro's art and feeling home…or connecting with the intricate geometric goodness and spiritual overlords from Headless Jess…whatever way it comes will be the right way because this is one of the things we are here to do!
We want you to walk into our space, either with your eyes online or your spirit at one of our markets, and feel like we have built something you want to be a part of…and in a way, feel like you already are!
We have so much to share with you all! Thank YOU (whoever “you” are) for finding us in this realm and reading about us, our brand, our ideas and our goals…we hope you are excited about what the future holds because if we can form as a united front of light and connected power… then the future is looking pretty damn bright, and we are definitely excited about that. Please join us on this journey of escaping this Headless Nation, and let us welcome you to our Headless Clan.


Headlessjess and Mike Pedro,

Headless Nation Channellers, Founders and Co-creators