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Our Story



Headless Nation was started 6 years ago by co-founders, co-creators and partners Jess & Mike. From humble market stall beginnings, Headless Nation now has thousands of satisfied customers around the world who get to treasure their unique and hand crafted jewellery pieces each and every day.

Market Life 

Many years have been spent driving around NSW, following the coastline to beautiful markets and events under they sky. Working outside and close to the beach is something they have been committed to from the start, so you’ll notice their regular market days are never far from the ocean (in fact, more often than not the beach car park is the designated parking zone for the days event!)

Art In Stones

Both Jess & Mike have always held an incredible love for natural stones and their energy. They are constantly captivated and amazed at each stones differences, and you’ll often hear the words “Its like a little artwork!” being exclaimed from the studio as they examine the beads. This is one of the reasons the choice work with only natural gemstones and crystals was a very easy one, their uniqueness is always mezmerising. 

Personal Philosophy

Their personal philosophy is to help make the world a little more joyful through every single interaction and every single piece of jewellery. Happiness and true joy is infused into the creation process, and each piece is soaked with this energy before it leaves the studio. If you have met them in person, you’ll know this is how they interact with customers too, committed to helping sprinkle some joy into peoples day.


Headless Nation is constantly growing and evolving. Established on the Central Coast, in 2018 the small market based brand began stocking select boutiques and soon became a well known jewellery brand on the Central Coast and Newcastle NSW. Their work ethic, high quality craftsmanship and a true commitment to sourcing beautiful gemstones has always spoken for itself from the very beginning. In 2022 Headless Nation secured a pop up store at a shopping centre near the Hunter Valley and created a beautiful community of jewellery lovers who often dropped in to secure their new treasure, have a cup of tea, & soak up some sunlight (from the skylight above and the team!) 2024 has big things planned for it, so stay close!