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Our Necklace Collection features a range of handcrafted beaded necklaces made from natural crystals and gem stones.

Designed and Hand-strung by us from our home studio.

Our Long necklaces are designed to sit on the chest line, well below your shirt collar line. The length and weight of the necklaces feel protective and securing as they are wornYou can feel them imparting their energy as they hang purposefully around your neck.

The perfect piece to add to your outfit everyday with ease, they are long enough to hang low from a collared shirt and show off their magic.
They make a statement on their own, or, layered with your other favorite necklaces sitting above them.

Made from natural 8mm gem stones, each natural stone bead holds a visible world of magic.


COLOUR: Aqua greens and ocean blues, whites and greys. Each stone is unique, no two are ever the same. 

HISTORY: It is said that the Amazonian woman use to embed Amazonite it into their shields, swords and jewellery for protection in battle and in life.

CRYSTAL MEANING: The stone of the WARRIOR WOMAN! Amazonite soothes the soul and calm the spirit. It is also known as the female warrior woman stone. Its unique shades of turquoise green and ocean blues are incredibly unique, and absolutely beautiful.

Amazonite holds powerful energy, it empowers any woman to be a Warrior Woman.

Amazonite provides harmony, balance and strength to the wearer. As you move through life, Amazonite is an incredible crystal to have with you to help you become the most fierce yet divinely feminine being you can be. Amazonite is all about helping you become the true you, with no constrains, no limitations. Wear Amazonite for self acceptance, self empowerment and communicating your true thoughts.

METAL: Tibetan Silver Findings
LENGTH: 91cm
LONG Amazonite & Silver BEADED NECKLACE - Headless Nation
LONG Amazonite & Silver BEADED NECKLACE Sale price$82.00

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful piece

Love wearing with the amazonite bracelet. The colours are pure magic


I have been dealing with Headless Nation for over a year, purchasing bracelets for myself, my family, my clients, and colleagues.
Throughout every interaction with them, I found their service and quality of product to be way above and beyond.