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 Sun Stone


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Our Long Necklace Collection features a range of handcrafted beaded necklaces .

Designed and Hand-strung by us from our home studio.

Our Long necklaces are designed to sit on the chest line, well below your shirt collar line. The length and weight of the necklaces feel protective and securing as they are worn. You can feel them imparting their energy as they hang purposefully around your neck.

The perfect piece to add to your outfit everyday with ease, they are long enough to pop out from a collared shirt and show off their magic.

They make a statement on their own, or, layered with your other favorite necklaces sitting above them.

Made from natural 8mm gem stones, each natural stone bead holds a visible world of magic.


COLOUR: Dusty peachy pinks and creamy whites. It has an orange, golden or full rainbow sparkle that flashes and twinkles in the light.

HISTORY: Sun Stone was used by Vikings as a navigation tool when out at sea. Sun Stone was associated with the Hindu sun Gold Surya and the Greek sun God Apollo.

CRYSTAL MEANING: Sunstone holds the most joyful, happy energy in all the crystal world, earning its nickname as the antidepressant stone. This stone sings with confidence, happiness, good luck and success. Sun Stone is thought of as a powerful talisman for abundance and can help us to create financial and spiritual prosperity. It represents solar energy and brings the gift of Light and Energy to the wearer. It is also believed to encourage us top be brave, comfortable and confident in our own skin.

METAL: Plated 24ct Gold Findings.
LENGTH: 93cm
LONG Sun Stone & Gold BEADED NECKLACE - Headless Nation
LONG Sun Stone & Gold BEADED NECKLACE Sale price$145.00

Customer Reviews

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I absolutely love the length. I am one of those bigger chested ladies and I used a measuring tape to get an idea! love love love the length. Thank you so much for your time and assistance xx