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Blue Aventurine has a sky like appearance, with white swirls appearing like clouds through a bright blue sky.

Aventurine was used in magical rituals to increase abundance, opportunity and luck. It was believed that having the stone in your home would attract good luck into it.

Blue Aventurine is gentle but very powerful stone. It is said to be a psychic activator and assists in opening the third eye. It resonates from the mind to the heart, helping you work calmly, rationally and steadily.

Blue Aventurine is said to help clear old, stagnant energies and assist in releasing negative habits. Here to help you open to inner growth and inner work, it is the stone for self discipline and strength when working on your spirit, mind, body and heart.

Said to help with decision making, this Blue Aventurine is all about helping you make positive life choices and putting you on the right life path.

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THE DAINTY- EYES- Blue Adventurine- NECKLACE - Headless NationTHE DAINTY- EYES- Blue Adventurine- NECKLACE - Headless Nation