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A mix of the most incredible earthy tones. Earthy autumn reds, chocolate browns, sand stone oranges, creamy beiges and accents of black are all uniquely folded through each stone. Often said to look like planets.

Named after the painter Pablo Picassos “Rose Period” where he featured lots of the stones colours and energy in his paintings. Jaspers have been revered by ancient civilisations through out the world as a sacred and powerful stone for protection and grounding.

Picasso Jasper is said to have a very high vibrational frequency which opens the doorways of the mind. It is known as a powerful stone to enhance creativity and break creative blocks, if you’re a creator in this world or want to be more creative then this is the stone for you.

Picasso Jasper is said to help one achieve clarity and focus, and bring concentration, perception and awareness of new possibilities. Known as one of the most powerful grounding stones in the crystal world, it’s easy to see why when you look at the earthy magic of this stone. It is said that Picasso Jasper blocks negative energies to allow you to feel safe while letting you mind run wild with inspiration and creativity.

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