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Deep forest greens, sap green, pale pink and hot pink.
Tourmaline has been revered and used since ancient times. Often used for scrying purposes to prophecies the future, It was used to help one indicated a good direction to move and right left path to choose. 
The combination of Pink & Green Tourmaline is considered to be a super activator for the Heart. While Pink Tourmaline is associated with the emotions and devoted to serving the highest aspects of the heart, Green Tourmaline is beneficial in one’s physical being and attracting positivity and abundance. Together they link to the higher self, and are believed to bring true joy to one’s life and relationships.
Pink & Green Tourmaline is here to support us during times of transition, growth and change. This stone offers us light, love and rejuvenation to help our heart and mind filled with joy, happiness. It brings with it a sense of adventure, increased daily energy, self-love and confidence.
Wearing Pink Tourmaline throughout the day can help release stress, worries, depression and anxiety, while Green Tourmaline brings an invigorating energy of growth and expansion. This stone makes the wearer feel vibrantly alive, and brings a deep sense of knowing that their heart is surrounding them and that they are a positive force in the world.

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