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Deep, dark forest green the apple green inclusions. Scaley appearance like a serpent.

Named in the 1500’s from the latin word “Serpens” meaning Serpent. In ancient times, serpentine was thought to be a cure for poison. Amulets of serpentine were worn to protect against snakebites or poisoning.

Serpentine is a phenomenal meditation stone. It is both grounding and elevating, and is all about helping you go back and heal past trauma. Serpentine is thought to be particularly .
The stone holds an exceptionally soothing energy which helps us gently releaser fear, particularly fears based around the ideas of change and the unknown, allowing the wearer to be hopeful about the future.
Serpentine is a beautiful stone for helping reveal how we can honour our own needs and desires with out feeling guilty. It is thought of as a wisdom stone, said to urge one to live in peace and make healthy choices.

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