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Article: Beaded Bracelet Storage Hacks Every Collector Should Know

Beaded Bracelet Storage Hacks Every Collector Should Know

Beaded Bracelet Storage Hacks Every Collector Should Know

Beaded Bracelet Storage Hacks Every Collector Should Know

If you're anything like us, you probably have a growing collection of beautiful beaded bracelets that you adore. However, as your collection expands, it can become quite challenging to keep them organised and easily accessible. That's where these beaded jewellery storage hacks come to the rescue! In this article, we’ll share some practical and creative solutions to help you display and store your cherished beaded bracelets, so you can feel inspired and choose the perfect piece to adorn your wrist each morning.

 (Over the years some of you have shown us photos of your collections of our handmade treasures, (WOW!) and some of you have come up with great ways to display them at home! Thank you for sharing that with us as we definitely drew on those photos when writing this!)

1. Display Trays with Velvet Liners

One of the best ways to showcase your beaded beauties is by using display trays with soft velvet liners. These trays not only keep your bracelets neatly in place but also prevent them from tangling and getting scratched.  Every time I see them beautifully laid out, it feels like a little jewellery boutique right in your room! Very fun!!! You can get ones with several layers which means you also have the ability to categorise your pieces…whether that’s by colours (blues, earthy, pastels), or emotions (happiness, grounding, protection), or splitting them into everyday ones and dress ones, we’ll let you decide!

2. Wall-Mounted Jewellery Organisers

Short on space? No problem! Wall-mounted jewellery organisers are a fantastic solution. With hooks or shelves specifically designed for bracelets, these organisers help save space while adding a touch of elegance to your decor. But you don’t need anything fancy and can definetly DIY it yourself (which means you can customise it however you want!) A piece of timber either stained dark or washed with white paint and little eye-hooks is a great DIY project over the weekend, and having them all displayed in front of you at once means with one glance you’ll know which piece has caught your attention/ is resonating with you and wants to be worn that day! 

3. Jewellery Drawers with Compartments

If you prefer a more discreet storage option, jewellery drawers with compartments are your best friend. Not only do they keep your bracelets organised, but they also protect them from dust and damage. To keep our own bracelet collection from mingling, we use small boxes or separators within the compartments. (TIP: All our jewellery comes in sustainable gift boxes, you could always remove the lid and use these as your compartments!)

4. DIY Bracelet Stands

Feeling crafty? Try making your own DIY bracelet stands! You'd be surprised at how many everyday items can be transformed into charming displays. We once repurposed a small piece of driftwood and turned it into a rustic bracelet stand! (Heaps of ideas on Pinterest for this idea!)

5. Hanging Jewellery Organisers

For those who love the idea of seeing their bracelets at a glance, hanging jewellery organisers are a game-changer. The clear pockets or compartments allow you to organise your bracelets by colour or their energy properties. It's like having your own curated jewellery gallery on your wall!

6. Door Knob Jewellery Display

We love this idea!!! Use door knobs as bracelet displays! All you need is a wooden board or frame, and some decorative knobs to attach. Not only does it keep your bracelets organised, but it also adds a touch of personality to your storage area. You can find very sweet ones with paintings or printing on them, or even cool brass ones if you wanting something more industrial! 

7. Travel Jewellery Rolls

Are you an adventurer who can't leave home without your favourite jewellery pieces? Travel jewellery rolls are your trusty companions. These handy organisers keep your jewellery safe and tangle-free during your travels. If you’re tight on space you can also use this at home! 

8. Ice Cube Tray Organiser

Just read it- it sounds a little whacky but it works! While this one might not work for chunky pieces of jewellery we think it’s a great idea for more dainty pieces! If you’re in a pinch and need something fast raid your kitchen for an ice cube tray! It might sound unconventional, but ice cube trays make surprisingly effective jewellery organisers. Each compartment holds a piece securely, and you can easily stack multiple trays in a drawer. Talk about a practical hack that's right at your fingertips!

9. Stackable Jewellery Boxes

As your collection grows, you might find that stackable jewellery boxes are your best friends. They not only save space but also allow you to organise your bracelets based on different themes or colours. 

10. Jewellery Armoire or Cabinet

If you're a dedicated collector with a vast assortment of bracelets, (and you have the space!) investing in a jewellery armoire or cabinet is a very cool option. These elegant pieces of furniture provide a dedicated space to showcase and store your beaded treasures. It’s like your own little jewellery haven! Antique stores can be a great way of sourcing something unique, or you can find a cabinet you like the look of and add in your own compartments and hooks…this is the ultimate jewellery collectors storage solution! 


So there you have it - a collection of ingenious storage hacks to keep your bracelets organised and beautifully displayed. Remember, your jewellery collection reflects your unique style and personality, so it deserves a storage solution that brings joy and functionality. Whatever you opt for, find what works best for you and enjoy the daily pleasure of choosing the perfect bracelet to accompany you on your journey through life!

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