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Sunset like oranges. A mix of dark, burnt orange and light orange tones with creamy white inclusions.

Ancient Egyptians nicknamed Carnelian the “Sunset Stone”, believing it captured the sunlights energy and imparted it to the wearer.

Carnelian helps us make positive life choices and keeps us on the right life path. It helps us embrace change and become open to positive transformation in ourselves and our lives. Carnelian clears up confusion, helping the wearer make decisions swiftly and correctly. It brings courage and eliminates fear, especially the kind of fear that paralysis is from taking action.

Carnelian is a highly protective stone that cleanses the energy of everything it comes in contact with. This pure energy in turn attracts abundance, prosperity and all the good things. It evokes a sense of home, that place where we feel safe, free to be ourselves and loved for who we truly are. Carnelian emits a soothing and warm energy that makes us feel safe and loved. 

Carnelian stimulates logic and creativity, making it a powerful talisman for bringing financial success to those in the creative arts.

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