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Metallic silver.

  Hematite has been used in magic for over 3000 years. In ancient Babylon, it was carried by warriors for protection and strength.

If you a drawn to Hematite it could be a sign that you are in need of more grounding and balance in your life. Being grounded means you are well connected to the Earth and your surroundings. 

Known as a stone of clarity, Hematite is here to help you realise what is important and steer clear of any confusion or misinformation. It is a powerful protection stone that helps one create personal boundaries and put up barriers to negative energy and negative people. Hematite is strongly linked to the Root Chakra, the centre of security and survival. By creating a strong sense of energetic stability, this crystal is said to work in aligning and clearing the Root Chakra to help one feel more balanced, centred and secure. 

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