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A marble effect of beautiful white tones and forest greens.

The Ancient Greeks associated Tree Agate with nymphs and goddess spirits of the trees. 

Like sitting in nature, Tree Agate brings a sense of peace and inner tranquility. It is said to help you look inside yourself for self-assessment, which may assist in creating a calm demeanour. Tree Agate is known as the stone of inner peace, and helps calm the nerves when you feel anxious. It has the power to turn negative energy into positive energy.
Tree Agate is an excellent stone to use as a personal talisman. Said to give you the stamina to handle everything you are suppose to do and is expected of you, it will assist your body in gaining physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength.

Tree Agate will give you a sense of your own power! It will help you achieve deep meditation very easily, and you will be able to shut out the noise and chaos of the world.

Tree Agate also has the ability to strengthen family connections.

Here to help you achieve balance and stability in your life, Tree Agate is a beautiful addition to your collection.

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